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Xiamen Aofei Building Materials Co.,Ltd is located in the city of Xiamen, which is China’s largest stone-ware processing base and part of south Fujian’s highly prosperous” Golden Delta”.

The company primarily specializes in the export of granite and marble. Its products are sold as far as Europe, Noth America and The Middle East Countries and Africa Land.

The main products of the company include:

1. Marble and Granite Slabs-Domestic and Imported ;

2. Gravestones of all styles and with different types of stone;

3. Numerous exquisite fireplaces;

4. Stone-carved craftwork, arc-shaped slabs, round-pillar stoneware, stone borders, pillar-caps, stone patterns, mosaics;

5. Stoneware for the garden, including a large variety of stone tables and pots;

6. Specially made items crafted according to demand, including kitchen tops, vanities and sinks;

7. Quartz in different col both in tiles, slabs, counter tops ;

The Xiamen Aofei Buidling Materials Company recognizes strict quality control as being absolutely essential.

The company has extensive experience in constructon projects as well!

The development of information technology has changed the traditional industrial structure. Instead of regarding the conventional material economic environment as the medium, the enterprise is now utilizing networks to closely combine corporate organization, production services, marketing with after-sales services.

The greatest benevolence is like water, and the highest virtue tolerates all. Xiamen Aofei Building Materials Co., Ltd. is adhering to the spirit and attitude of serving customers' needs and is willing to offer quality products and services to friends all over the world.

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